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College Fair Magazine (CFM), a non-profit (501c3) organization established in 2006, initially partnered with the Philadelphia Youth Athletic Association (PYAA) and the New York Pro-Am organization. Both organizations collaborated to support and sponsor youth athletic basketball programs and tournaments, such as the New York vs. Philly Basketball Classic. The event has open the door for many young athletes to demonstrate their talent and athletic skills, later to pursue playing college level (D-1, D-2, & D-3) basketball and NBA, WNBA opportunities.  After several years being involved with the Philadelphia Youth Association, Collegefairmagazine (CFM) venture into greater educational access for students and athletes, while still being committed to athletic training programs and events, but adding instructional design, training & development, technology workshops, and becoming more  concerned with entrepreneurial development and greater access to higher educational and human performance opportunities.

Mission Statement:

CFM's mission is to inspire, motivate and provide opportunities for the future generation, while removing cynical pessimism about the future, through events, activities, and technology use, along with creating sustainable solutions to help resolve learning and performance challenges, which hinders self-worth and self-development. 

CFM's DIE Statement

Since 2006 CFM has established diversity, inclusion, and equity as central pillars of programs and services offered to the public. The services and programs help students, adults, and professionals from varied backgrounds and underrepresented populations succeed by reducing barriers to education, training, development, learning, and performance success through city-wide regional college fairs, seminars, workshops, and sports events (locally and with other regional cities).

Vision Statement:


CFM's vision is to “Invest in The Present and Future Generation,” through outreach services and mentor programs. Also, focusing on significant issues that are affecting the younger generation's ability to obtain an adequate education, along with working to bring diverse communities together for sustainable solutions.


-Use technology as a significant social integration medium

-Building online student exposure through College Fair Magazine circulation

-Arrange special events and workshops that engage in small business and       entrepreneur development

-Link with organizations, associations, clubs, youth athletic sports programs to   engage with strengthening CFM support

-Increase CFM membership

-Utilize contributions, sponsorship donations and services to provide scholarship funding for students

-Collaborate with Colleges, Universities, Associations, and Organizations, & Civic   Groups to strengthen connections 

-Continue supporting CFM’s Book Scholarship at Community College of   Philadelphia


-Speaker's Forum (Monthly)                                                          October 2020-2021

-Membership Drive (On Going)                                                     September 2020-2021 

-CFM College Fair (Annually)                                                          June 4th, 2021

-Magazine Publication (Quarterly)                                               September 2021

-Online Training Workshops (7 Weeks)                                       July-August 2021

-College Scholarships & Applications                                          Dec/March/May 2020,     


CFM was proud to a part of Community College of Philadelphia's $125,000 scholarship effort. CFM's Book Scholarship Fund established at the Community College of Philadelphia (over  $2,800.00 to date)for students to purchase textbooks.


CFM Memberships:

-PhillyL&D of Greater Philadelphia

-NEDLA Distant Learning Association

-PACAC Counseling Association

-NY ProAm (Sports)

-Birts Foundation (Civic Organization)


You can help support CFM's efforts through Membership: ($20.00) using PayPal.Me/collegefair and taking out Ad Space in CFM Magazine Publication.

(Full page=$75.00, half page=$50.00, quarter page= $25.00. Once the Ad markup is approved, you can make payment through PayPal.Me/collegefair with a credit card, check payments will be accepted as well, but must send an email alert to to receive a mailing address. All monies go toward program efforts, not salaries because staff are volunteers. 

                     Collaboration on College Scholarship Opportunity Information

CFM (August, 2020) had the pleasure and opportunity to attend Southwest Belmont Scholarship online award's ceremony vis-vis emails and interaction two scholarship opportunities were list on there website. Both opportunities are listed under The Annie M. Garrott Foundation as the Leadership Scholarship For College and Scholarship For High School Students.

CFM interacted with two other outstanding local organizations below that can provided additional resources, they are: The Philadelphia Roundtable and HBCU Colleges and Universities. 

COVID-19 Update:

COVID-19 pandemic is a health and safety matter, CFM wants to alert all its members, visitors, and friends to have a plan of action with ever present information, so you can be clear on what steps to take regarding the virus. Please review news and information from the following organizations World Health Organization (WHO) , the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as follow your news networks, local public health, and emergency response agencies such as the Philadelphia Red Cross.



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