Collegefairmagazine (CFM) was established as a 501c3 organization in 2006, as it initially assumed the responsibilities of PYAA (Philadelphia Youth Athletic Association) and the connections to New York’s ProAm organization. CFM still maintains that aspect of youth sports (NY vs. Philly Basketball Classic), but has since ventured into greater educational access, training and development, instructional design, technology use to engage young people that have the entrepreneurial spirit.

CFM Mission Statement:

To inspire optimism, while removing pessimism about the future through CFM’s brand, events, activities, and use of technology that create sustainable solutions to solve 21st century learning and performance challenges.

Vision Statement:


CFM was founded on a splendid vision of providing services to bringing people together for sustainable solutions and connecting people to benefit from said solutions through the use of technology but to be mindful of their humanity as well.


To use technology as a major social integration medium

To building online exposure and circulation

To publish a monthly newsletter

To arranging special events that engage small business development and the entrepreneurial spirit

To link with associations, organizations, clubs, and youth sports communities  To speak and engage with to strengthen support of CFM

To increasing membership and circulation

To continue supporting CFM’s Book Scholarship at Community College of Philadelphia


Planned Activities:   Working on new activities and dates for  2019-2020

Membership Drive          (Ongoing)                       March 2019-2020 

Online Magazine (Ongoing)                                    Sept 2019-2020              

Bi-Monthly Updates                                                Sept 2019-2020

Tech in The Commons (Digital Data)                     On-going  

National College Application Day                           Nov 7, 2019

PADLA Conference & Expo                                      Dec 17, 2019

Urban Bike Festival                                                   (Pending)                                                     College Fair                            (Planning)                  April, 2020                    

CFM was proud to a part of Community College of Philadelphia's $125,000 scholarship effort. CFM's  Book Scholarship Fund established at the Community College of Philadelphia (over  $2,500.00 to date)for students to purchase textbooks.


CFM Memberships:

L&D Philly of Greater Philadelphia

PADLA Distant Learning Association

PACAC Association


Birts Foundation

Help support CFM's efforts:

Membership: ($3.00) payPal.me/collegefairmagazine and Ad space is Full page=$75.00 (FP), members $60.00, half page=$50.00, members $40.00, quarter page= $25.00 (QP), members $20.00. Once Ad markup is agreed upon, you can make payment through payPal.me/collegefairmagazine with a credit card or use your Paypal account,  or contact CFM @ collegefairmagazine@gmail.com