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2015 Summer Basketball Showcase

Announcement: Collegefairmagazine's Summer Basketball Showcase/Classic will be run as a tournament August 14-15th 2015. The tournament will host Division-I (ages 9-13) and Division-II (ages 14-17) boys and girl teams. All teams must have uniforms, 12 player limit with 2 coaches, trophies and medals will be awarded, all players and coaches will receive either a trophy or medal with MVP awards as well. Registration is $75.00 (but only $65.00 for early registration up to July 12, 2015). Contact us at or 215-485-2851 for information feedback.


All teams must sign a Waiver for each player to be eligible the day of the game (if not, the player will not be allowed to play based on insurance requirements). There will be 2 referees for each game in Division I and II with 3 referees for all championship games. If there are changes; they will be posted and coaches notified asap. All teams will have uniforms with numbers. The first round of games will be played at local recreation centers (Finley and Mallery). The championship games will be played at separate locations (To be announced). Contact us at or 215-485-2851 for feedback. More details to follow.

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